Spring Service

Spring is right around the corner! Now is the time to service your equipment to be ready for the higher outdoor temperatures that are on the way. As you know it is important to keep mechanical equipment running efficiently. 

Dirty filters, dirty coils, clogged condensate drain lines or drain pans, sooted burners and dirty heat exchangers cannot be ignored. Ignored issues will cause mechanical equipment to work harder and run longer than necessary and leave your equipment facing breakdowns. This wastes energy and adds unnecessary costs to your operating budgets for your property.

Verticon Inc. will help to maximize equipment life and reduce down time resulting from unexpected equipment failure. By having a trained Verticon technician regularly evaluating your equipment, possible operating issues that may otherwise go unnoticed will be identified.

Rather than taking the bare minimum approach, Verticon Inc. spends the necessary time it takes to perform complete maintenance on your equipment. The tasks our technicians perform during maintenance include both factory recommended tasks, as well as, tasks that our years of experience have shown us are necessary. This combination provides a more complete approach to planned maintenance.

Verticon’s service technicians are fully trained and qualified to maintain, repair, troubleshoot, and install all types of equipment including:

                Cooling Towers
                Boilers – Gas, Oil, and Electric
                Split Systems
                CRAC and CRAH Units
                Air Handlers
                VAV Boxes
                Packaged Roof Top Units
                Dry Coolers
                Chilled Water and Condenser Pumps
                Variable Frequency Drives
                Pneumatics Systems
                DDC and Building Automation Systems
                Backflow Preventers Testing and Certification