Our Services

Elevator & Escalator Support Services – Verticon, Inc. specializes in supporting the area’s leading elevator contractors in rehabilitating elevators and escalators, bringing them to current electrical and building code.  We provide all building related mechanical and electrical needs with a team of carpenters, steamfitters, electricians and laborers at our disposal.  We provide turnkey services to include machine room access doors, platforms, ventilation modification inside hoistways, HVAC installation, disconnects, conduit and wiring, pit buffer stands, and pit waterproofing solutions to meet every elevator modernization projects specification, as well as complete a required scope of work when specifications are not provided for the project.  

  • Elevator Machine Room Access – Veritcon, Inc. can modify your existing machine room access or provide a completely new entrance when required.  This includes modification or installation of a new galvanized access stair platform with code compliant railings, installation of a new fire rated machine room door and frame complete with code compliant self-locking and closing hardware.  
  • Electrical installation and service – Verticon, Inc. provides the highest quality mainline, cab light, and auxiliary disconnects to achieve proper equipment power supply.  We install all new conduit and wiring between disconnects and controllers as well as transformers and subpanels when needed to achieve the most reliable power sources for all machine room equipment.
  • Fire Alarm – Verticon, Inc. provides modifications to existing fire alarm systems to bring their recall functions up to current required codes.  When existing systems are not capable of being upgraded we provide to install a complete standalone system to support the elevator recall and life safety needs for modernization.  
  • Elevator Machine Room and Pit Lighting Solutions – Verticon, Inc. installs new lighting fixtures in the machine room and pit areas to achieve a visible, bright, and safe code compliant environment.  We have standard and custom fixtures available as well as LED fixtures that are low maintenance and require minimal power consumption.  
  • Elevator Machine Room Ventilation / HVAC Systems – Verticon, Inc. provides complete, turnkey machine room ventilation renovation.  This service includes demolition of existing machine room ventilation systems, louvers, motorized dampers, exhaust fans and cages, and we infill the existing holes with fire rated materials generally consisting of fire rated insulated aluminum paneling.  We then install code compliant, properly sized HVAC systems complete with power wiring to ensure the machine room equipment is maintained at its factory preferred temperature and humidity levels, which increases equipment life expectancy and reduces the frequency of required service maintenance.  
  • Elevator Machine Room Partitions and Enclosures – We are equipped to provide code compliant machine room enclosures when the existing machine room walls or fencing is not adequate to support modernization.  We also encapsulate existing non-elevator related conduit, piping and other items to isolate them from the machine room as per current building codes.  All enclosures are properly fire rated, sealed, and painted.  
  • Elevator Machine Room Patching, Fire Stopping and Painting – Verticon, Inc. provides quality fire stopping, patching, and painting of the machine room.  We provide to properly infill existing holes and gaps in the machine room walls and floors, and fire stop and insulate all penetrations made during the modernization process.
  • Elevator Call Button Cutting and Patching – Verticon, Inc. provides the highest level of call button cutting and patching in the area.  We can handle drywall, sheetrock, plaster, marble, and more.  
  • Elevator Hoist Way Patching / Shaft Wall Systems – Verticon, Inc. provides hoist way patching and fire stopping to achieve smooth hoist ways.  When the existing hoist way is not properly fire rated, we can install code compliant shaft wall systems to bring the existing hoist way to current codes.  
  • Elevator Pit Waterproofing Systems – Veritcon, Inc. takes special care to provide the most cost effective and code compliant pit waterproofing and leak detection systems available.  We install water leak detection systems including water bugs, discharge drains, and properly sized sump pumps to ensure water never poses a threat to the elevator pit areas.  When existing water issues are a concern, Verticon, Inc. is capable of providing waterproofing to the existing structure and foundation to eliminate water seeping through the building slab.  

HVAC Installation and Preventive Maintenance -

  • Installations – Verticon, Inc. is equipped to provide turnkey HVAC system installation to include single room systems, multi-room / zoned systems and full building HVAC solutions for any heating and cooling need.  Whether your need is keeping a server room cool to protect valuable equipment or multiple offices with individualized, customizable climate control needs or a large rooftop unit to cool an entire facility, we are there to provide the best products, services and support.  
  • Preventive Maintenance and Service – Our HVAC service technicians are trained to keep your HVAC systems up and running and keep your critical equipment operating when you need it most.  We offer HVAC service and maintenance contracts as well as emergency service.