Elevator Pit Excavation

A commercial building owner needed to gain access one level below the current basement level inside the elevator hoist way to gain access for a rear access elevator door. This would give the building staff elevator access to the lower level.  Verticon was contracted to excavate the existing basement level pit and hoist way to provide access for a new rear elevator access.

Fresh air ventilation was installed by Verticon to accommodate the excavation crews during concrete demolition. Working with the building owner’s elevator contractor on required depth Verticon was able to excavate to the needed lower level and pour a new slab floor with an area for a sump pump install. A previously abandoned rear entrance that had been bricked in was opened and a new sill was installed. New pit walls were formed up and concrete poured. Lighting and fire alarm modifications were provided by Verticon’s electrical partner ABS Electrical.


Original_pit_floor  Original Pit Floor


IMG_0230      Demolition and Excavation


IMG_0231   Rear Entrance Enclosed and Ventilation


IMG_0281   Preparation For Concrete


IMG_0285   Finished Floor


IMG_0292   Pit Walls Formed


IMG_0301   Finished Walls and Floor With Sump Pit